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Don’t you hate it every time you go to your local comedy club to enjoy a hypnotist and you break your leg because you tried to walk back to your seat while still under hypnosis? Well, if you’re 38-year-old William M. Bendorf from Omaha, Nebraska, you just might have grounds for a lawsuit.
At least that’s the goal for Bendorf, who attended a comedy show at a club called Funny Bone in March of 2014, when he fell under hypnosis as an audience volunteer by performer Doug Thompson. Reportedly, Bendorf was instructed to return to his seat but was still under hypnosis when he fell off the stage, badly breaking his leg and requiring surgery. Bendorf filed a lawsuit last week against the comedy club.
According to, the hypnotist, “…was done with Bendorf and believed he had snapped Bendorf out of his trance,” before the accident. “Still in a trance, according to the lawsuit, Bendorf spotted his empty seat, walked straight toward it and fell off the stage. He snapped out of his trance when his lower leg snapped near the knee.”
The Funny Bone chain of stand-up comedy stages spans across several states, and includes performance houses in Hartford, Syracuse, and Des Moines as well.
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