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Theterm subliminal hypnosis is a misnomer, because hypnosis is insome way subliminal, the aim being to evade the defensive consciousmind and enable the sub-conscious to absorb the positive and healingsuggestions. However if a person consciously resists hypnosis,subliminal hypnosis may be a good solution.
Regularhypnosis involves hypnosis inducing techniques and the subject isgenerally aware that he/she will be experiencing the process ofhypnosis. However subliminal hypnosis means that people arehypnotizing people when they are asleep or through subliminalmessages embedded in audio and video signals. Whileit is a fact that all hypnosis is in a way subliminal, the techniqueof inducing hypnosis subliminally is different from that oftraditional hypnosis or self- hypnosis. In summary, hypnotizingsomeone subliminally means hypnotizing them without them beingconsciously aware of it.
Apsychologist was faced with a problem of a client, Vikram, 46, whowas suffering from many health problems and severe stress. On theinsistence of his family members he agreed to see a psychologist butrefused to believe he could get well. In fact he bluntly told thecounselor that he didn’t want to get well and had also stoppedtaking medication.
Thecounselor then gave him a music track saying that this was justsoothing music, however it had subliminal messages coded inside.Within two weeks the client told the counselor that he wished to getrid of his problems. He started his medication again and is quitehappy listening to his ‘music’ track every day.
Anotheradvantage of subliminal hypnosis is that a person can’t consciouslyunderstand the auto suggestions being given and thus coded subliminalmessages can easily reach the subconscious. For example, if a shyperson listens to a normal hypnosis track for overcoming his shynesshe may consciously keep questioning its usefulness and significance.However subliminal hypnosis prevents him from doing so.
Therehave been many debates regarding the effectiveness of this technique.Subliminal hypnosis is based on the concept that the sub-consciouscan pick up messages that the conscious cannot. Some psychologistsargue that a subliminal message without any conscious awareness willfail to have any impact while others believe that the subconscious iscapable of understanding on its own independent of consciousawareness.
Subliminaltechniques have been widely used in the advertising world and haveproved to be very effective. There have been attempts to bansubliminal advertising too.James Vicary caused apublic outcry when he suggested in 1957 that people could beinfluenced by subliminal advertising. He suggested that a study inwhich moviegoers watching a film called Picnic were repeatedly shown0.03-second subliminal cuts for Coca-Cola and Popcorn, increasedonsite sales by 58% and 18%. Since the revelation of his test theeffectiveness of hypnotic messages in advertising has been hotlycontested.
ACIA review of hypnotic messages titled ‘The Operational Potential ofSubliminal Perception’, claimed that ‘Certain individuals can atcertain times and under certain circumstances be influenced to actabnormally without awareness of the influence’. Because of this,subliminal cuts were all but banned in the US when the FCC ruled thatthe use of subliminal messages could result in the loss of abroadcast license.
Thoughsubliminal messages used unethically in advertising may have itsnegative effects but we cannot rule out the fact that it is veryimportant in the field of psychology.
Thearticle is jointly written by AnuGoel ANU (CounsellingPsychologist) andAastha Sethi
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