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Many are baffled by how far Donald Trump has made it in the GOP – it’s like the man is using hypnosis on every member of the Party to stay in the race. The presidential candidate is leading in the national, Iowa and New Hampshire GOP polls.
Is Donald Trump Really Going to Be the Republican Presidential Candidate?
Donald Trump is even getting support from religious groups, which was his main weakness in the past. Sarah Palin endorsed his campaign recently, calling him the man that will make America great again.
How exactly is this happening? Firstly, he’s not a politician. People seem to like him for having a business background, and that makes him more honest than most. He’s also a billionaire, which tells people he knows how to handle money. Not only that, but it also says that Trump is really good at selling things – himself mostly. He’s a political athlete of sorts, and he’s selling himself really well to voters. Much like hypnosis, he uses sales strategies to make himself look like the most attractive candidate, and he is succeeding.
The World Calls Him A Genius or a Lunatic – And It’s Exactly What He Wants
Nothing Donald Trump says is random. He’s got it all calculated to the last detail. His techniques aren’t unique either. They’ve been seen in hypnosis experts like Tony Robbins to convince the Republican Party that he can actually bring about some change.
He’s not honest, either. His actual wealth is between $2.9 and $4 billion, while he boasts a $10 billion fortune. He also makes exaggerated statements, like wanting to put a ban on Muslims and making Mexico build a wall to keep it away from the US and pay for it, too.
Kudos to Trump For Tricking An Entire Nation Into Ignorance
The truth is, Donald Trump is a mastermind. He’s perfectly ensnared the things Republicans love the most and given it a boost, and he’s also taken what Republicans hate the most and blown it to apocalyptic proportions. So the people feel like the world will end if they don’t go for a candidate that’s willing to reverse these disasters before they even happen. It’s frankly ridiculous – so ridiculous the UK’s House of Commons considered banning the man from ever entering the United Kingdom again.
But Trump prevails. The official GOP candidate for Presidential election will be chosen on the week of July 18, 2016. Until then, there’ll be a lot of misinformed, ignorant comments out of his mouth, but there will also be a true display of business at its best. Whether it is in a good way or a bad one, 2016 is going to be an outstanding year for the American government and the American people.


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