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Reasons Why Men Wake Up With An Erection
Does hypnosis cure erectile dysfunction? Well, this problem could be causes both by physical factors and psychological factors.
For example, if you are able to achieve firmness when you are alone but failing to get the hardness when you are with your partner then the reason is purely psychological.
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It could mean that your mind isn’t in relaxed state when you are with your partner and this is causing the erection issue. So, in such a case hypnosis might work.
Some health experts say that even in cases where a man fails in bed purely due to physical conditions like poor blood circulation, the role of mind in love making can’t be ruled out totally.
A percentage of men who tried hypnosis report some level of improvement in their bed life over a period of time.
People with cardiovascular conditions, arterial issues, hypertension, and unhealthy cholesterol levels may find it tough to gain an erection. Though hypnosis may not help them completely, they may still try it out.
Diabetes and certain nerve related issues could also cause the issue. Also, those who smoke and drink excessively tend to suffer ED. The reason why they can try hypnosis is because of the fact that erections need brain signals first. The body then follows the orders of the brain. So, if there is any issue from the side of brain, hypnosis may deal with that.
Purely psychological reasons for failure include past failures in bed, fear, shame, guilt, lack of love, stress and more. Hypnosis can address such issues well.
When ED occurs mainly due to anxiety and stress, hypnosis can help in relaxing the person and this may help in great deal.
Also, when the problem is more about low confidence levels, hypnosis can help restore self esteem and confidence. Inner insecurities can be dealt with hypnosis. So this way, depending upon the nature of the problem hypnosis could be used sometimes to treat ED.
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