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A hypnotherapist is looking for witnesses to a crime or accident to take part in a research project.

Alan Matthews, of Lynn, is looking for volunteers to undergo memory recall hypnosis for a forensic research project he is undertaking.

Volunteers will be asked to recall the event in as much detail as possible and then again during hypnosis to see if additional memories or facts emerge.

The research is part of a project to be made available for criminal and civil legal investigations.

Mr Matthews said: “It doesn’t matter how trivial the event was or how long ago it happened just so long as it had the potential for criminal or civil legal action and is not currently involved in legal proceedings.

“People are surprised how much extra detail they can often remember when they are relaxed during hypnosis.”

The session will take an hour and half and volunteers will receive an audio recording of everything recalled.

If you would like to take part contact Mr Matthews by email or call 01553 766375.

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