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Join WATD at the Hypnosis Center from 11AM-2PM on Friday, April 10th at their location at 45 Pond Street in Norwell, about a half mile away from Queen Anne’s Corner Center.
The company is part of the New England Spa complex next to the Audi, Porche and Volvo dealerships (currently under construction), and the event will take place outside in the company parking lot.
Visitors will receive discounts on hypnosis sessions if they are trying to lose weight, stop smoking, ease anxiety, etc., and a few lucky winners of a raffle will receive free sessions.
The owner, Jeff Rosen, will interview with Rob Lisa from WATD’s The South Shore’s Morning News, and will hypnotize someone during the remote as well (He says he’s still deciding whether to do it in the office or on the spot) as a demonstration.
This remote is designed to bring more awareness to Hypnosis Center, what they do, and how effective Hypnotherapy actually is. Essentially, the company wants to introduce new customers, and help them out in getting started on a healthier life. I will let you know more as we get closer though.
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