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Mass Hypnosis Posts “Codex Alimentarius” Music Video
Croatia’s Mass Hypnosis has a music video out now for the track “Codex Alimentarius,” bringing attention to the corrupt profit corporations of the world. The track comes off the “Sanctimonious” album, which features the following track listing:
1. Psychoacustica 01:242. God Complex 03:453. Matrix Of Power 03:134. Address To The Nation 01:155. Trigger Terms 02:496. Inevitable Disaster 03:267. Message From The Advanced Intelligence 01:028. Refugees From The Promised Land 03:319. The Sting Of Consequence 04:5310. Monotheist 02:0611. Social Experiment 01:3912. United State Of Coma 04:1213. Codex Alimentarius 05:0314. Novus Ordo Seclorum 02:08
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