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Business Name:
Location: Edwards, in The Riverwalk at Edwards Diamond Building, Suite 0201, and downtown Eagle Ranch, 1143 Capitol St., Unit 206.
Date Opened: 2009.
Owner: Stacey Horn, LCSW, CCH.
Contact info: email or call 970-616-4401.
What goods and services do you provide? We help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems of all kinds. We provide hypnosis to eliminate fears and panic and repetitive behaviors. We provide hypnosis to stop tobacco use and other habitual behaviors. We provide hypnosis to manage trauma and pain. We provide hypnosis for fertility and birth. We provide hypnosis for sports performance enhancement.
What’s new and exciting at your place? Hypnosis is said to make the rapid, lasting changes in people’s lives that they have been dreaming about. Depending upon the concern, typically clients may reach their goals in three to six sessions.
What strategy do you use to differentiate yourself from your competition? We are the only ones who specialize in providing hypnotherapy. Hypnosis causes rapid shifts for people. We have people who come back periodically for tune ups if you will, but it’s usually preventative, before a big event or after a major stressor and they want to prevent a return to old behaviors and reactions.
We don’t see that we are competing because we’re the only ones providing hypnotherapy.
What philosophy do you follow in dealing with customers? What can you customers expect from you? We know that there is a difference between trying to make a change, and making a change. Almost everyone who comes to us to make a change tells us that they have been trying to stop smoking, stop picking their skin, stop anxiety, to manage chronic pain differently or to perform consistently in golf, snowboarding, etc. Customers can expect to learn what hypnosis is, is not and how it works — before everything changes for them. We help people stop trying, make the changes and perform consistently. We help people win.
Tell us a little about your background and education: Stacey Horn, LCSW, CCH has a master’s of science in social services administration, a 25-plus year career as a therapist and more than seven years as a consulting hypnotist. Stacey has been using hypnosis since she had a peaceful, pain-free birth with her daughter in 2007. She’s helped hundreds of clients use the power of their mind to make changes since then.
Pam Gundlach, MA. LPC has a masters degree in psychology, a 20-plus year career as a sports psychologist and more than five years as a sports performance enhancement hypnotist.
We’ve partnered with a common purpose — to provide hypnosis to help people make the rapid changes they want to make.
What’s the most humorous things that’s happened so far? The misinformation about hypnosis is actually pretty funny, like when people believe that we could — or would want to — make them do silly things, such as cluck like a chicken.
We can’t make people do anything against their will. Hypnosis is not sleep — it’s actually a relaxed, internal focus. Most people know their minds are powerful, but we help people learn how to focus that power to do what they previously believed might be impossible.
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