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Self-hypnosis has been used by people who struggle with habits, including smoking and drinking, said John Mongiovi.

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QUEENS — Look into your own eyes … you are making yourself very sleepy.

A new self-hypnosis class at a Forest Hills yoga studio is teaching participants how to lull themselves into a trance — in a bid to reduce participants’ stress and to teach them self-improvement techniques, organizers said.

“Self-hypnosis reaches into our subconsciousness, where people’s emotions and behaviors are rooted,” said John Mongiovi, a certified hypnotist, who will be running the the three-hour workshop at BambooMoves next month.

During the session, he will tell participants to set their goals and will teach them to create and use self-suggestions — convincing yourself about certain goals and aspirations — and guided imagery — thinking about images conveyed by the instructor — to achieve the self-hypnotic state.

Mongiovi said that under hypnosis, the subconscious mind “is accessible to change old patterns.”

He said self-hypnosis has been used by people who struggle with habits, including smoking and drinking. Others, he said, want to lose weight, struggle with anxiety disorder or stage fright.

Hypnosis, he said, not only can help them overcome these issues, but also help them achieve deep relaxation.

During the workshop participants will sit on chairs or yoga mats, he said. 

Many people, Mongiovi said, associate the word “hypnosis” with an unconscious state in which the hypnotist has total control over people.

“In reality,” he said, “most people are aware of everything while hypnotized,” he said. “Especially during self-hypnosis our mind remains active to guide us.”

Getting out of self-hypnosis, which also promotes self-confidence and focus as well as efficiency at work, “is like coming out of a nap.”

The workshop will take place on Sat., Feb. 8, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. It will cost $39 in advance or $49 the day of the workshop. Space is limited, maximum 15 participants. To register, go here.

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