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Finn: Freeway hypnosis leads to more vehicle accidents

By Taylor Finn, The Sunday after Thanksgiving,

a New York train hindered which caused four fatalities and lots of injuries. Looking for responses, the National Transportation Security Board carried out an investigation about the harmful mishap. Their findings exposed that this misfortune occurred due to a sleepy driver. William Rockefeller, who had been carrying out the train at the time of the thwarting, pointed out

that he was & ldquo; running the train, concerning a section where the track was still clear, then all of an abrupt, feeling something was wrong and hit the breaks. & rdquo; Rockefeller & rsquo; s short-term nod off will forever influence the lives of all the passengers and their households.” I can only envision the despair Rockefeller will forever carry, and I can associate with the sleepiness he should have been

feeling while driving that train. In fact, many individuals most likely can remember a time in which they were combating to keep their eyes open while driving down the road. It is a dreadful sensation, and one that can have harmful repercussions. This sensation of sleepiness while driving was offered a name several years ago; experts are calling it motorway hypnosis or white line fever.

Without going too extensive scientifically, motorway hypnosis takes place when a driver is just semi-conscious while on long drives. In some cases drivers totally drop off to sleep, and various other times they are relatively awake and able to buy to their last location, but they are not completely aware of their environments. Freeway hypnosis has actually not just been a problem for Rockefeller; many motorists deal with this condition daily. One bus motorist pointed out that throughout one course she started pulling over to get travelers that were not there. Other drivers reported getting to their location with no recollection of getting there. This issue can have serious effects, and it is essential that the necessary steps are being taken to attempt to stay clear of having just semi-conscious motorists. It is the responsibility of transportation business to make sure that drivers are getting appropriate rest and are not on the roadway for prolonged time periods. Karen Jamison, assistant director for operations at CyRide in Ames said that they [CyRide] are very strict with their policy relating to correct time off and breaks. At CyRide, drivers can work no more than 10 hours a day and can not go longer than 6 hours without a lunch break. She also stated that if motorists wish to work additional hours, their demands must undergo the dispatcher prior to being authorized to ensure they are not breaking the policies. Unfortunately, not all business monitor their drivers as carefully, and when a motorist slips through the cracks and drives on inadequate rest, misfortunes can happen. Public transportation motorists are not the only ones who need to take correct actions to prevent freeway hypnosis. It is our obligation as motorists to also be alert. There are a few things every driver need to do– or not do– prior to starting a long drive. For all students who will be going house over Christmas, here are just a couple of useful suggestions about the best ways to remain alert while driving. According to an article composed by Leigha Fenster, motorists should

avoid consuming square meals prior to hitting the roadway and should take routine breaks to get from the car and stretch. Fenster also says that having a caffeinated drink at hand can assist you remain alert. To avoid ending up in a hypnotic state, motorists need to keep their eyes moving, they can do this by inspecting the speedometer, looking at surrounding automobiles and checking out roadway signs. Another valuable hint is to roll down the window or turn — up the air conditioning.

Personally, I am a more mindful driver when jamming out to a little music. Singing, as long as both hands stay on the wheel, is another great method to guarantee that you are being an alert driver and are not putting yourself or others on the roadway in threat. As we all trip home for a much needed break, keep the terrible New York train mishap in the back of your head, avoid highway hypnosis and make it home as safe as possible. Published on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:00 am. Updated: 6:06 pm.|Tags: Train Derailment, Freeway Hypnosis, Leigha Fenster,

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