Gabriel Holmes presented students with the power of hypnosis on Wednesday, March 11 by putting some NIC students into a deep sleep and having them partake in several amusing tasks.
Holmes began explaining what hypnosis is before he selected some students and volunteers to be hypnotized. He said hypnosis is the act of putting a person in a very relaxed trance that makes them susceptible to suggestions. Holmes noted that a person does not have to be hypnotized by someone to go into a state of hypnosis.
“Everyone has been hypnotized before,” Holmes said. “Driving is hypnotic, television is hypnotic, the most hypnotic thing you’re ever going to do in life is play a video game. Video games fully encapsulate you and they hypnotize you.”

Falling asleep at the wheel -Thomas Hansen/Sentinel
Holmes spent about 10 minutes talking people into a very relaxed, sleepy state and then had them doing other things; starting out with simple actions such as acting as if they were driving and later having them do things such as sing, dance and perfom ballet.

Getting jiggy with it, against their conscious willpower -Thomas Hansen/Sentinel
Some individuals also went into the crowd proclaiming “I am Bond, James Bond.”
The hypnotized individuals felt blessed when audience members suddenly became figures they idolized, such as Batman and Channing Tatum. At one point many under hypnosis were almost in tears after Holmes claimed their noses were gone. One person’s nose was “stolen by the boogeyman.” A man was even led to believe he gave birth to some children while under hypnosis.

The hilarity of emotionally distraught students on center stage – Thomas Hansen/Sentinel
Holmes gave many the experience of being hypnotized and the rest of the audience an amusing show with many laughs and odd performances.
“I felt like it was really cool,” said Brooke Schirado, 19, Bonners Ferry. “I’d like to try it but I’m scared of what I would do.”
At the very end, those who were hypnotized didn’t remember anything they did and thought they had been sitting in their chairs for five minutes doing nothing, when it had really been an hour–doing all sorts of strange things.

A hypnosis participant succumbs to the screaming pain of childbirth -Thomas Hansen/Sentinel
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