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Every now and then I review the book Silence of the Heart, Dialogues with Robert Adams, who explains that this physical experience and the human egos are in a state of trance. Adams stresses the have to wake up to divine consciousness. I came across an especially interesting paragraph, reading:

“& ldquo ; Would hypnosis work as a means to breaking the hypnosis [trance]

(Adams answers:) “& ldquo; No. Due to the fact that hypnosis just contacts the subconscious. It reinforces your ego. You’& rsquo; re already hypnotized. So you don’& rsquo; t wish to double your hypnosis. Because then you have to remove the hypnotic trance along with the waking trance.”

& rdquo; This concept is equivalent to ideas from 19th century spiritual leader, Mary Baker Eddy.

We read in 21st Century Science and Wellness:

“& ldquo; Observations of the operations of hypnosis, the collective unconscious, or crowd thinking, provide convincing evidence that they are not therapeutic representatives. I am encouraged that the effects of outdoors mortal psychological influences on those who practice it, and on individuals who do not resist it, bring about moral and physical fatality.

“& ldquo; If hypnotism appears to heal condition—– or mental collective sound appears to reduce loneliness—– this appearance is misleading, because error can not remove the results of error. Discomfort under mistake is more suitable to convenience. In every circumstances, the impact of pointer is just the impact of illusion. Any appearing benefit acquired from mental control is proportional to one’& rsquo; s faith in magic.

“& ldquo; The procedure, either unconsciously or knowingly, of idea manipulation has no scientific foundation, for God is uninfluenced and always mindful—– always knowingly governing all that is real, unified, and everlasting. God reveals divine consciousness in us.”

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