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During Bengals training camp, celebrity hypnotist Ricky Kalmon visited Cincinnati to provide the team with what he does best, hypnosis!
Kamon hypnotized a group of Bengals including Adam Jones, Dre Kirkpatrick, Karlos Dansby, Will Clarke and even defensive assistant/quality control coach Marcus Lewis, Marvin Lewis‘ son.
The result was amazing and must-see television, and of course, ESPN was in attendance and showed the highlights from the team hypnosis on Sunday Countdown leading up to Week 3.
“I felt I had no control,” Jones said. “It was almost like “alright, I told you to do this, and do it”. I don’t even have the words to put it together, but it was pretty freaky I would say.”
The Bengals who didn’t take part (those who did all volunteered) clearly got a kick out of watching their teammates be hypnotized. Even Marvin Lewis was laughing.
My takeaways: Karlos Dansby seems like a surprisingly funny guy, and the Bengals have no idea how puppeteering works.
It seems the Bengals — both those who took part and those who watched — greatly enjoyed the activity.
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