Growing old can mean slowing down but in no way should your life and happiness slow down too.

Sometimes it blows my mind when I hear a guy aged 35 telling me that he is old and worried that he is getting too old now to do the things he desires.

This is so hilarious but many young people are looking at old age as a limitation. In a society full of stress and sickness, the thought of growing old in a body that’s dying can be scary.

I visited my dad’s grave some weeks ago and I was glancing at some of the graves nearby. What caught my attention was that in the sixties and seventies, many men died at about 40 years old.

Because of better food quality and availability of improved nutrition, man and woman are today living past 80 years old. This is a major reason why anti aging is a big commercial industry today.

I had an aunt who was my mother’s sister. She had lived to 82 and she always told me “Old age was a tragedy”. She had all kinds of medical illness and walking difficulties. Growing old can mean slowing down but in no way should your life and happiness slow down too.

My mother on the other hand is 84 today and she is fit, sharp in her mind and she still live independently without troubling her children. The difference between my mother and her sister in lifestyle and health is her thinking.

Many of our senior Malaysians fail to realise that the body’s physiological age can be much younger than your actual chronological age. The word aging is only a product of counting time. It has nothing to do with body wellness, mental thinking or agility of movements.

Feel age catching up with you? You often hear it said, “age is just a state of mind.” Even when it’s hard to believe in that when you start to see those fine lines when you look at the mirror, there is more truth to that statement than you think.

But the truth is, the way age affects your actions, behaviour, and self-image depends entirely on the way you perceive it. If you think that you’re already old at 35 or 55, then that’s what you’ll think of yourself as. You will start putting limits around you because you think you’re too old.

You start pressuring yourself to do more and see more in life. This can make you feel burdened and bothered all the more.

The to-do list

So why not just change your perception of your age?

Get anti-aging hypnosis. Positive subliminal messages that help develop more positive thoughts about age, you can change those embedded attitudes so you can start thinking young, even as the numbers add up.

Adopt the right anti-aging attitude. Also, if you don’t want to be hampered by the thought of you getting old, then don’t give it much thought. Just move on with your life and do your usual activities with the usual enthusiasm.

Care for your skin. There are now many skincare solutions that promise anti aging. A skin cream and lotion that you apply on a daily basis can do a lot of good. It also makes you feel like you are really doing something, so you won’t feel despair at the thought of aging.

Keep busy. This is very important as it stimulate your mind to be active and sharp. Keeping busy also helps you to keep alert, increase mobility and healthy. It also helps you to center your emotions for a more happier and goal orientated life focus daily.

Eat well. Eating proper food and at proper meal time is essential for good nourishment.

Keep happy. Happiness is always the fuel to long life. Learn to live life to the fullest.

Exercise. My recommendation has always been ‘brisk walking’ to bring your sweat out. The more you exercise the fewer pills you will pop. This is something I believe.

Positive thoughts

Aging will involve biological, nutritional, emotional, and awareness factors that can affect a person’s healthy well-being. The primary cause of biological aging is the loss of the cell’s ability to reproduce in quick succession.

Our genetic makeup which controls the life of our cells and cellular reproduction is connected to all of the systems and functions of the body. As aging occurs, cell reproduction, hormones, and the immune system slow down.

The primary goals for the aging process are to protect, repair, and maintain the body, including its cells and genetic makeup. Diet, vitamins, minerals and supplements can counteract biological aging by boosting the immune system, which help body maintenance and peak efficiency.

Poor dietary habits contribute to aging, because they create a lack of proper nutrients that are necessary for the body’s maintenance. This lowers the immune system and affects mood.

It is important to eat properly so the body can get proper nutrients and utilize them correctly to help combat aging.

Exercise, proper diet, and stress elimination can promote goals of muscle strength, bone density, skin tightness, skin moistness, mental clarity, sexual function, positive moods and increase energy levels.

Negative emotional factors contribute to aging by creating stress in mind and body. It is known that negative emotions lower our immune system and cause acceleration of aging, whereas positive emotions actually boost the immune system and combat aging.

True age is not determined by the look of the skin, but by the condition of the whole body and spirit.

Approaching life with positive thought creates and flows positive energy in the body for enhances physical and emotional well-being.

True age is not determined by the look of the skin, but by the condition of the whole body and spirit. Authentic youthfulness is reflected in such things as healthy cells, energy, flexibility, vitality, creativity, curiosity, and optimism.

Motivational methods

Awareness is the most important tool and you are what you think. Self-hypnosis is a very positive way to help you combat aging.

If the mind is constantly relaxed and motivated to increase positive thought and reduce aging then such ‘thoughts’ will be auto suggested for daily living rituals in better life management.

There are many other motivational methods to perk you up but the key to graceful aging is to relax and live in the moments with passion.

Better listening to intuition, helping others, being responsible to be the best you can be, being aware of what’s happening around you, being spiritual, and eliminating fear, judgment, and expectations are general principles of awareness.

“Now start to center yourself, keeping the feeling of your perfectly working mind and body with you.

“The sun is bright and cheerful and so is your life. You are now at a pond with still water. Look down into the water and see your image. Your skin is tighter, your eyes are bright, and all your stress gone.

“You look younger and your body feels younger. Look at how young you are. This feeling will stay with you”.

Create a happier life taking care of the biological, nutritional, emotional, and awareness factors that will enhance the natural anti-aging process, improve health and mind. You will look, feel and be younger.

Julian Leicester is a London-trained subconscious specialist with Hypno-Station. He is Malaysia’s most renowned professional hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, and event host and book author. He can be contacted at [email protected] or

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